Ask yourself these important questions about your over all gym and trainer.
  1.  Have I achieved my fitness goals based on the time and money spent.
  2.  Do my workouts include a nutrition program and quality products that work, are there verifiable client testimonials or videos to validate products. (see 4 minute client testimonials for personal training and nutritional products on our About us page)
  3.  Is my fitness facility designed for maximum workouts or training
  4. Do I understand how each piece of equipment and exercise performed will help me reach my fitness goals.
  5. Has my physical appearance changed,  am I healthier. Have I gained knowledge about over all health and fitness not realized before.
  6. Has my fitness experience made an impact in my quality of life for me and/or my family.
  7. Has any fitness professional explained what the difference is between a work out program and a training program.
If you have answered yes to all of these questions, please remain with your current fitness professional or gym. If not continue reading.

WHO WE ARE: Private  quaint fitness facility for serious dedicated fitness clients who want a workout area not crowded, women and family friendly atmosphere.
Our studio is cleaned after every client, not at the end of the day. Our trainers have a combined 45 years  industry experience.  The customized program gives you 24 hr / 6 days per week access to use a workout plan designed by a certified trainer that you can follow on your own time. Our 24 hour Economy term package is for people who want to use our facility as their personal gym and finish  working out without interruptions.  Economy rates listed below.

WHO WE ARE NOT :  Commercial gyms offer a variety of fitness programs and equipment which can be good for the general public.
 Our Customized  program motivates you to use our facility on your own. Our L.I.E.T program is used in conjunction with our personal training packages. Most commercial gyms do add value for large groups of people who want to exercise, this allows the gyms to charge low memberships  by spreading their cost through the volume of people who join. We charge for the level of expertise , background, proven client results and creative new training techniques for our clients. Customized program fees are listed below, personal training & kids sports and agility  fees are on our about us page.

CLIENTS WHO USE OUR SERVICES:  Clients who have used a trainer before, or want to take their training to the next level.  First Time customers who never had a trainer.  Customers who have worked out for years with little change in their physique,  little to no knowledge  about fitness,  nutrition, or meal planning. Customers who have suffered an injury. Injuries are one of the reasons L.I.E.T was created.

Sign Up Procedures: Click to download PDF forms below 
 Please bring in paperwork during staffed hours. Staff hours are listed on our about us page.  Contact us should you need help with the forms. 732.228.7654 or email

Acceptable forms of payment :  Credit Card. Debit Card. Bank draft Checking /Saving .  
After payment and paperwork is processed, you must come in to our studio  during staffed hours to receive proximity card for 24 hour door access and to have your picture taken. Please call  or email for an appointment if you can not make the staff hours.
It is strictly prohibited to bring a guest , family members, friends,or  anyone during NON staffed hours. Guests must sign a waiver before using our facility.

Cancellation Policy:  
If you are in a 3, 6 or 12 month term contract you cannot  cancel your contract before the end of your term. Once you have fulfilled your contract ,Studio Wellth & Fitness will continue to bill automatically unless you cancel 30 days prior to the end of your contract.

Customized workout program :   
The program will evaluate your fitness goals,  current level of fitness, schedule, and possible limitations. This program may be reviewed quarterly to make adjustments if necessary. The program  will be emailed within 5 business days. Your plan will include what body part to workout and on what days of the week, how many times per week , resting between sets, off days, how many sets  and repetitions to do per body part, how long each workout should last.
A complimentary walk through with a trainer will show you how to use the equipment correctly.

 Contract Terms Fees, Discounts, Incentives for  V.I.P. PlusV.I .P. Standard ,  V. I. P. Basic,  & Economy Gym

****V.I.P Plus  :  12 month ($89.99 monthly),  6 months  ($99.00. monthly)  3 month ($109.00 monthly) 
  • Includes  6 complimentary personal training 12 month.
  • Includes  4 complimentary  personal training  6 month.
  • Includes  2 complimentary  personal training  3 month.
  •  Complimentary training sessions are 30 minutes. Must be scheduled. Expire 5 months.
  • FAMILY PLAN INCLUDED, ask for details.
  • 40% discount off regular personal training rates combined with program.
  • Proximity cards cost $5.00. additional $5.00 refundable security deposit. 

****V.I.P. Standard  :  12 month ($59.99 monthly),   6 months ( $69.99 monthly),  3 months ($237.00 up front) 
  • Includes  3 complimentary personal training sessions 12 month term.
  • Includes  2 complimentary personal training sessions  6 month term    
  • Includes  1 complimentary personal training sessions 3 month term

  •  3 month terms ($237.00 ) paid up front  no discount coupon. 
  •  Complimentary training sessions are 30 minutes. Must be scheduled. Expire 2 months.

  • Monthly Maintenance fee $0.00

  • 30% discount off regular personal training rates combined with program. 
  • Optional: Quarterly Review.****
  •  Reward Points Available*******
  •  Proximity cards cost $5.00. There is an additional $5.00 refundable security deposit. 
**** V.I.P. Basic :  12 month ($39.99 monthly) , 6 months ($49.99 monthly) , 3 months ($177.00 up front)
  •  Includes  2  complimentary personal training sessions  12 month term
  •  Includes  1  complimentary personal training sessions 6 month term

  • Maintenance fee  12 month term ( only $5.00 per month),   6 month term (only $7.00 per month) ,   3 month term ($9.00 per month).

  • Optional : Quarterly Review.****

  •  Proximity cards cost $5.00. There is an additional $5.00 refundable security deposit. 
*****24 hour Economy Gym :   12 month  ( $29.99 monthly) , 6 month  ($39.99 monthly), 3 month  ($135.00 up front)
  • Enrollment fee $20.00 
  • Maintenance fee:  12 month (waived for first year)   6 month term (only $7.00 per month) ,   3 month term ($9.00 per month).
  • Speical Promotional Rates. Limited time only

  •  Proximity cards cost $5.00. There is an additional $5.00 refundable security deposit. 

$25.00 for 6 and 12 month .  3 month term is $30.00.

A certified personal trainer will answer any questions you have based on your customized workout plan.
  •  Customized Workout Program,  3 Months cost $15.00 per month. Once per month 15 minute video conference, or 15 minute call.
  •  Customized Workout Program, 6 month $10.00 per month. Twice per month video or phone calls 15 minute , text once per week.
  •  Customized Workout Program 12 Month $5.00 per month . Three times per month video or phone call 20 minutes, text  three times per week. 
              Additional rules and restrictions may apply. Prices and fees subject to change. 

Please download by clicking this PDF image. All forms must be  completed, fill out the contact information form below . This will alert us to contact you and schedule a time to meet with us at the fitness studio.  

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