We're announcing Studio Wellth Fitness as one of Bark's top Personal Trainers in Toms River for 2020! To celebrate, we're pleased to award you the Certificate of Excellence 2020 badge. 
Certificate of Excellence Winners Badge               

 All pricing & rates for each service we offer are listed below. Personal Training, Buddy Package , Pay as you go programs, and Stretch & Flexibility sessions.

Our trainers can design customized  programs which you can follow on your own time in the studio. 

The popular L .I . E. T  program invented by master level trainer is a unique style of training  based on Low, Impact, Endurance, Training, without  putting stress on your joints. Clients have improved their flexibility, balance, cardio, and lowered body fat. 

  Personal training & Buddy packages do not have contracts. For Master level rates please contact us.********

   *Prices do not include taxes.  Applicable fees may apply*.

 Personal Training Rates:  Bronze package  5 sessions  $63.00 PER session , Silver Package  10 sessions  $58.99 PER session, Gold Package 15 sessions  $55.00 PER session. Daily rate to use the studio $12 .00 per visit.

Buddy Package discounted rates.

Bronze 5 sessions: First person pays $63.00. Buddy pays $36.99 total = $99.99. $99.99  divided by two, each pays $49.99 ( 20% discount)

Silver 10 sessions: First person pays $58.99. Buddy pays $33.99 total =$92.98.  $92.98 divided by two, each person pays $46.49 (20% discount)

Gold 15 sessions :  First person pays $55.99. Buddy pays $28.99 total =$84.98.  $84.98 divided by two, each person pays $42.49 (22% discount)

Bronze session meets once per week, Silver twice per week, Gold three times per week. 

Online personal training Pricing:  Flat rate special  $47.00  expires 4/28/24.  All online sessions will be done at our private fitness studio.*******

Online session will be 1 hour long, enjoy using whole studio exclusively for your session,  schedule your session on your time, pay as you go. Inquire for more details. 

Results may vary for each person, normal personal training cancellation policy will apply. Prices and terms subject to change

***New Client Trial personal training flat rate $49.99 3 sessions only inquire for more details********** 

Stretch & Flexibility sessions: Individual Rates  1/2 Hour  $35.00,   1 hour whole body $57.99 (Special rate discount)

2 People minimum:  1/2 hour $27.00 ,  1 hour $40.00 per person.(Special group rate discount) ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Acceptable forms of payment :  Credit Card. Debit Card. Bank draft Checking /Saving . Please call  or email for an appointment.

Sign Up Procedures: Email us requesting the proper paper work and indicate in the subject line which service, New member special trial,  Psonal Training, Buddy Package, Online P.T., Stretch & Flexibility.

Please bring in or email our paperwork before you make your first training session. Contact us should you need help with the paperwork. 732.228.7654 or email Studiowellth1174@gmail.com

Additional rules , restrictions  may apply. Prices and fees subject to change. 

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