Potential earnings of $40,000 - $70,000.00 + a year. Part Time or Full Time.        
How much dedication you have determines your success in earnings?

Studio, Wellth & Fitness located in Toms River NJ is a private fitness studio with state-of-the-art technology which allows us to open 24 hours per day.                                                                                                                                                      
Well-respected 5 star rated fitness company looking for independent personal trainers with clients who want to rent our studio (Not a big box gym) and grow their business to earn a substantial income. New certified trainers without clients inquire about the starter opportunity.

Supportive Services we offer:
•    Independent Fully Equipped Private Personal Training Studio to rent out, (not a typical gym setting)
•    Build your own client base beyond local area with our Affiliate program under our established fitness studio.
•    Total marketing support across social media, internal marketing & external promotional events
•    Good location with plenty of parking and visibility, on a main busy road with heavy traffic.
•    Professional freedom to run your business your way.
•    In house payment services. (Accept all major credit cards, debit payments)
•    Flexible fee arrangements to rent our studio while growing your business.
•    Diversify your income by offering (Proven) meal planning support for your clients.
Optional Services we offer:
•    24 hour access to use our fitness studio whenever you want to run your business.
•    Administration & schedule your appointments so you can concentrate on training
•    Set up automatic billing/invoicing for you, never worry about when you will be paid.
•    Local & regional consumer marketing to help you get new clients and grow your business.
•    High quality nutritional products to offer your clients, you will get compensated for each sale.
•    Access to Fitness competitions, local sporting events to promote your business and brand.
•    Liability Insurance coverage to protect you. (If needed) 
•    In house referral program from lead generation of fitness consumers inquiring to hire trainers.

What we require:
•    National recognized P.T. certification & liability insurance. (We can assist to obtain Insurance)
•    Current C.P.R / FIRST Aid / or A.E.D 
•    Personal trainers who have clients looking to grow cliental base and expand their income.
•    Integrity, honesty, caring about the health & wellbeing of your clients is important in order to rent our studio.
•    Professionalism and a serious personal commitment to safe effective client training.  


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