Welcome to Studio Wellth & Fitness,

We are a private fitness studio located  on Fischer Blvd in Toms River NJ. We offer 24 hour use of our training studio, personal training, small group training up to 4 people & 100% natural nutritional products. We have been practicing social distancing workouts since 2014, you can workout with limited amount of members. We average 4 members at our studio during peak hours. During the 24 hours we are open, few members are in the studio at the same time. All personal & group training is by appointment only. See pictures of studio below.

For the past 6 years we have established a code of ethics which separates us from the typical big box gyms and other facilities. Our current  members feel safe to workout because every piece of equipment is cleaned and disinfected after each member. Bottle water and towel service is available. The studio environment is women and family friendly. No distractions while you workout, no waiting for equipment. Members workout efficiently by getting in and out to save time. 

Here are some safety precautions we implemented to make members feel safe during workouts

  • Hand sanitizing stations located at front desk. 
  • All staff have been tested for covid-19, and will wear masks and gloves.
  • All members will have ongoing temperature checks before they enter the studio.
  • Time share workout services available  for members who want to block out specific times and days to workout.
  • Hepa Air purification units with ultra violate rays which helps clean the air from germs, bacteria, & viruses.
  • We use a alcohol based sanitizer spray with 66% active ingredient for all equipment and throughout the studio

Nutrition is another important service we provide, including customized meal plans. We offer 100% natural whey protein powders and vitamins from Wall Street Nutrition LLC  We have written and video testimonials from members who combined Wall Street Nutritional products with our training sessions and achieved visible results in only 6-8  weeks.

 Visit our About us page for personal trainers background information. Visit the promotion page for member rates & pricing.

                                    Front of studio                                                                                           Middle                                                                                                  Rear